About Us

The Balfour Post is an online news site dedicated to addressing key events and issues on the current affairs of Israel and the Middle East.

Launched on May 14, 2013 in honor of Israel’s Independence, this online publishing project is an affiliate of the Balfour Trust, Inc and distributed by Balfour Books, LLC together their objective is to promote honest dialogue and exchange regarding the “Israel” narrative.   Our mission in a phrase is to,  highlight Israel’s global relevance in the United States and abroad one reader at a time.

At Balfour Post, we believe in a well-crafted editorial plan. We believe this is the result of careful and consistent planning.
Editorial planning ensures a continual stream of fresh, significant editorial acquisition. It promotes balance in the publishing line up.

Here are the topics that Balfour Post has targeted:

  • Antisemitism
  • Christian Palestininism
  • Christian Persecution in the Middle East
  • Civilization Jihad in The West
  • History & Biographies
  • Current Affairs:  Israel As A Global Leader, Media Bias, Middle East Peace, etc.

Utilizing the most highly regarded academicians and experts in their respective fields, Balfour Post pledges to bring exposure to the voices and events that do not always make the major communication mediums.

Submissions to Balfour Post.

The Balfour Post welcomes submissions from freelance writers. Please submit your ideas—including a detailed description of what you’d like to write, a brief biography, links to previously published stories, and, if necessary, a short writing sample—to the  editor.  Successful submissions will exhibit a working knowledge of Balfour Post and the content it publishes.

You may submit your ideas to newsroom@balfourpost.com

Our Team:

Editor-in-chief: Thomas A. Sharp
Managing editor: Jim Fletcher
Senior editor: Michael Curtis
Art director: Brent Spurlock

Contributing writers: Alex Grobman, Sarah Stern, Iddo Nethanhayu, Binyamin Elon, David Bukay, JoAnn Magnuson, Daphne Nethanhayu, Emmanuel Navon, Kenneth J. Balkin and many others.